Dear Fellow Brain Tumor Warriors,
As you may know, this fall I had the honor of competing in the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This was a dream come true for me and it still seems unreal that I made it.
While I devoted thousands of hours to training, preparing my body for the 140.6 mile journey, I couldn’t help but think about all of the work others had done to get me to this point. After my brain cancer diagnosis in 2005, I was scared things would never be the same. I was determined to not let my illness limit my life, and thanks to my amazing doctors, surgeons and the researchers behind the scenes, I was able to safely navigate the rough road to recovery.
While some progress has been made in the fight against brain cancer, there is still SO MUCH more that needs to be done!
Through my journey, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has been a source of unwavering support, literally standing on the sidelines cheering me on. After spending 5 minutes with the staff, it becomes clear that their dedication to their mission goes way beyond a "job". This is especially true when you consider that out of a staff of six, two have lost immediate family members to this disease and one, Mark Green, is himself, a brain tumor survivor. They are our community’s own David vs. Goliath team and while they understand the enormity of the task in front of them, they refuse to retreat or lose momentum.
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure needs
our help to remain at the forefront
of cutting-edge research.

Donate Now!
I encourage you to join me and support its work through a donation at any level. Every dollar counts—$5, $10 or even $140.60 (in honor of my Ironman distance).
Just like the Ironman course, the road to a cure will be long and there will be times when we all feel like giving up. But I know that with an organization like Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure tirelessly fighting for all of us, we will one day reach that finish line. And as they say in Kona, all that matters is that you finish.
Please show that “This is Personal” to you with a donation today! On behalf of my family and all those patients and survivors fighting this battle every day, I thank you for your continued commitment.
BethAnn Telford
Brain Tumor Warrior

Be sure to make your tax-deductible gift by December 31st.