Dear Friends,
Over the past year, your support has been critical in our efforts to advance brain cancer research in labs across the country. This work has demonstrated time and again that a "personalized" approach to research will be crucial in our efforts to find a cure. Brain cancer is not a one-size-fits-all disease and our path to treatments can't afford to be either.
The great work done this past year is a reminder that we cannot let up now. In order to continue our advance toward a cure,we need your continued support today.
In particular, your support has helped us to get two exciting projects off the ground this year, both of which need continued support to keep moving forward:
Mayo Clinic and Translational Genomics Research Institute—We are honored to help bring together, for the first time, the Mayo Clinic, one of the leading clinical centers, with Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), a cutting edge genomics lab. This partnership will use deep genomic sequencing of GBM tumors to look at the specific signatures of each tumor. This could help identify novel combination therapies, possibly involving drugs from outside the brain cancer standard of care, to use in the treatment of brain tumor patients.
Exosome Diagnostic Tool—Partnering with two leading academic research centers—Mass General Hospital and University of California, San Diego—and Exosome Diagnostics, an emerging biotech firm, we are working to develop a diagnostic test to detect “exosomes”, bio-markers in cerebral spinal fluid and blood that indicate genetic tumor mutations. With more than a dozen institutions providing samples, this project holds the promise to address one of the most significant challenges facing neuro-oncologists today: detecting tumor recurrence early enough for effective intervention, increasing survival rates.
These projects have already made great headway, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. Genomic sequencing, vaccines and personalized therapeutics are the next evolution in research and we are committed to continue serving as a catalyst for change in the brain cancer research space.
But we can’t move forward
without you—Donate Now!
In order to remain at the forefront of this movement and continue our support of these and other potentially life-saving projects, we need you by our side. Stand with us and declare “This is Personal” so that we may continue to help engineer the most promising projects and facilitate ground-breaking collaborations.
Some believe finding a cure is improbable. We know it's inevitable. On behalf of the entire Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure family, I thank you for your continued commitment.
This is personal!
Max Wallace
CEO, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

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