Jeannine Walston

"I’ve known about ABC2 for years and have deep respect for their high-level of intelligence, their expansive network, and their pioneering research projects.  ABC2 thinks outside the box, targets scientific leaders to quickly support new emerging therapies, and transforms brain cancer patient's ability to live with improved quality of life and survival."

As a brain tumor survivor since 1998, Jeannine Walston’s healing journey includes 3 awake brain surgeries (NIH, UCSF, and UCLA), radiation, chemotherapy with Temodar, and DCVax-L immunotherapy dendritic cell vaccine in a clinical trial. Over time, she found that integrative cancer care for the whole person improves quality of life and cancer survival by addressing the entire physical body, mind-body wellness, spiritual vitality, social support, and a cleaner environment.

Jeannine’s professional work features extensive experience in cancer education and advocacy, health care policy, conventional cancer treatment, personalized medicine, person-centered care, and integrative cancer care. After several years in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Legislative Aide, she served as a policy advocate and lobbyist at the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and worked for the Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy. Jeannine was the first person to serve in the Food and Drug Administration’s Patient Consultant Program as an advocate in the cancer drug development process, and she was also selected as a consumer representative in a National Cancer Institute cooperative group where she offered patient perspectives on clinical trials design.

Through her journey, Jeannine reached a point where she felt it was important to address more than just the cancer diagnosis and instead treat the whole person. As a writer, trainer, and spokesperson, Jeannine has educated the public about some aspects of health care through the National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Clearinghouse. In 2004, Jeannine began her business that evolved into Integrative Cancer Care for the Whole Person and Healing Focus® as a cancer coach, writer, consultant, and speaker. She has been published in magazines, other media, and spoken before many audiences.