David Cook

Records are going to sell or not sell, but raising that money for cancer research puts everything in perspective—it makes you realize what really matters.”

David Cook and his fans hit an amazing milestone in December of 2014, celebrating $1,000,000 raised for brain cancer research! David has been a staunch supporter of the cause since 2009, participating every year in the Race for Hope-DC, rappelling down a skyscraper in San Diego as part of ABC2's Over the Edge for Brain Cancer and hosting other various fundraisers all in memory of his older brother, Adam, who passed away from the disease. ABC2 is honored to have David as our partner and we look forward to achieving many new milestones together in the future.

David Cook is a singer- songwriter based in Nashville, TN, co-writing country tunes including the Top 20 single “Kiss You Tonight” for David Nail in 2014 and putting the finishing touches on his own new indie album, Digital Vein.

After fronting a Kansas City-based bar band for 10 years, in 2008 he accompanied his brother Andrew to auditions for American Idol, auditioned himself on a whim and wound up winning the competition.  His self-titled major label debut album released later that year sold 1.5 million copies, and though the follow-up, 2011’s This Loud Morning, debuted in the Top 10, he once again wound up as an indie artist. As one door closed, another opened, and David moved to Nashville in 2012 and forged a new career as a songwriter while continuing to tour as well. In 2014, he began the process that led to the recording of Digital Vein.

Digital Vein was funded in part by contributions from fans through a successful PledgeMusic campaign. “We’ve had an awesome experience with PledgeMusic,” he says. “The best part is that fans have become a bigger part of the process than in records past. The hope is that, by continuing to build those relationships, we’ll be able to hit the ground running and ultimately get this music into more people’s ears. I was a little apprehensive about that dynamic at first, but it turns out that it’s a great way to humanize yourself to your audience. It’s nice to tear down that wall, because the end game is that people hopefully will feel more connected to the humanity in the record.”

The album’s most personal song is the poignant “Home Movies.” As David recalls, “Not too long ago, I had the chance to look over old photos with my family, and that brought back memories of my brother Adam. The experience got me in a certain mindset, and I consciously wrote that song about growing up and spending time with my older brother, who passed away of brain cancer in 2009. He’s been a part of every record I’ve made, but with ‘Home Movies’ especially, there’s a tangible aspect.”

Since Adam’s death, David has devoted himself to fighting the disease, to the extent that philanthropy is now as important to him as his music.

“I think I would have been involved either way,” he says. “But seeing what he went through, and what his wife and his kids all went through, touched me deeply. And that’s another avenue where the fans have been insane. We crossed the million-dollar threshold last December, which is unfathomable to me still. Records are going to sell or not sell, but raising that money for cancer research puts everything in perspective—it makes you realize what really matters.”

Cook becomes reflective as he looks back on his journey, with its ecstatic highs and devastating lows. “I have no regrets,” he says of his Idol experience. “It has ultimately let me do some amazing things in the last seven years, culminating in this record. Who knows where I’d be right now if weren’t for all that. Prior to the show, I was tending bar to pay the rent, and I was a really bad bartender. So to have the resources that I have now—to be able to make a record this way—it’s huge. I’ve still got a platform and an avenue that most don’t. So, yeah, no regrets.”