Smarter Research

Smarter Research

Our mission is straightforward: to invest in research aimed at finding the fastest possible route to a cure. 

The greatest advances in science and medicine have been driven by an “entrepreneurial” spirit, and we believe that a sense of entrepreneurism can be a powerful force in advancing brain cancer research.  As such, our funding process is similar to the approach of the venture capitalists whose investments have helped solve some of the most perplexing challenges.

Just as cutting-edge investors look for over-the-horizon business plans with solid financial structure, we look for bold scientific ideas with clear execution plans. We look for new concepts that hold the potential to dramatically improve patient care and we partner with world-renowned researchers who have demonstrated the ability to bring those ideas to patients as quickly as possible. 




We fund high-risk, high-reward research projects which might not move forward without our backing. 

For example, with our advocacy support the National Cancer Institute chose to focus on glioblastoma as the first cancer to be thoroughly profiled at a molecular level.  The Cancer Genome Atlas is enabling the discovery of new  promising therapeutic strategies and deepening our understanding of brain cancer.

We co-invest with biotech companies, venture funds and other nonprofits to help build on our research investment. 

For example, in 2010, together with the state of Florida, we granted over $300,000 toward new brain tumor research.

We fund projects which have the greatest chance to quickly have a significant impact on the way in which patients are treated. 




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