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Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and its partners are laying the groundwork for significant medical advances by utilizing a results-focused model that incorporates public/private efforts and the rigorous engagement of researchers, industry and government.
Investigator Awards
  • Fast-track grant award process (60 days), minimizing unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy, with a major focus on translation research
  • To date, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has awarded 58 research grants, totaling more than $5.2M
  • ABC2 researchers have published over 75 articles and abstracts of their findings and made significant contributions to the field
Clinical Network
  • Accelerates the transition of therapies into clinical studies for patients
  • Network of four leading neuro-oncology centers and clinical investigators (UCSF, UCLA, Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University and M.D. Anderson)
  • Conducted four significant investigator-initiated clinical studies to evaluate three new drug therapies in patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GMB)
Preclinical Screening Program at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University
  • Preclinical screening for a multitude of potential new and combination therapies at a rapidly accelerated pace
  • Helps absorb the cost and decrease time to market for effective therapies
  • To date, more than 140 therapies have been tested - or are in line to be tested at no charge to drug sponsors.
  • 17 trials have been initiated for brain tumor patients
Partnerships with Industry
  • Focused on increasing strategic investments in brain cancer therapies and brining new hope to overlooked areas of medical research
  • Formed a research collaboration with Genentech to accelerate understanding of tumor growth and suggest potential targets for novel therapies.
  • Established a research collaboration with CombinatoRX to screen thousands of combinations of drugs previously untried as potential therapeutic agents against brain cancer.

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