Dr. Berger

Dr. Mitchel S. Berger

Professor and Chair of Neurosurgery
Director of the Brain Tumor Research Center

University of California, San Francisco

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Guidance for Newly Diagnosed Brain Cancer Patients

  • Key Components of your Cancer Team
  • Timeframe: Don’t rush into surgery
  • Experience, complications, and post-op issues
  • The importance of seeking a second opinion
  • Rationale for surgery: pre-surgical planning and discussions
  • Tumor tissue: essential for use in targeted therapies
  • Definition and method of biopsy and craniotomy
  • Technical advances in neurosurgery: navigation systems, neuroanasthesia, and imaging capabilities
  • Brain mapping: Identifying functional tissue during surgery
  • The Promise of Research: Now and in the Future

  • Targeted therapy and personalized medicine: what’s on the horizon
  • Dye compounds
  • How to expedite discovery of better treatments
  • Learn more from other leading brain tumor specialists

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