Title: Enabling Cutting-Edge Genomic Analysis to Guide Patient Care
Investigators:  Tom Mikkelsen, Keith Ligon
Grantees: Henry Ford Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, The Broad Institute, Mass General

ABC2 created Allele to bring robust genomic profiling to brain cancer patients. While the ability to sequence the genome of cancer has existed in research labs for some time, Allele brings this important technology to patients informing treatment decisions and deepening our understanding of brain tumors at the molecular level.

Allele, a collaboration with The Broad Institute and cancer centers such as Dana Farber, brings together the best in cancer research with the best in cancer treatment.  Allele produces, at no cost to patients, clinical diagnostic reports for brain cancer patients by doing robust whole exome sequencing of both their tumor and normal tissue. 

By aggregating a large amount of sequencing data, Allele enables us to understand how tumors evolve over time and why they develop resistance to traditional cancer therapies. Allele provides the missing framework to advance novel targeted and immunotherapies and de-risks the development of the next generation of brain cancer therapies. By providing real time data, the platform enables clinicians to better understand which treatments will most likely work for which patients.

Allele empowers patients to make more informed decisions and researchers to bring forward the most promising new therapies.