Industry Collaborations

In 2009, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure revamped the grant application process to more closely mirror the vetting process used by venture capital firms. We are impressed by the strength of the companies seeking assistance at our organization’s funding level. These firms tend to fall into one of two categories:

• Companies whose primary focus is developing brain cancer therapies and who look to ABC² to extend their research beyond the scope backed by their investors, to find good clinical partners, to access brain cancer tissue samples, and/or to gain recognition in the field.
• Companies whose primary focus is not brain cancer, but have an interest in exploring whether their approach is applicable for brain cancer. This is the Avastin model where Genentech would not have entered into GBM trials without ABC² support, which served to lower their risk of entry into the space.

In the past year, we have partnered with two companies and vetted over a dozen others working to develop brain cancer therapies:

Tocagen - new a biotechnology company formed around an experienced biotech management team. Tocagen is bringing a new technology to clinic which uses a newly developed viral mechanism to selectively deliver a therapeutic compound to cancer tissue in the brain, thus while not harming normal tissue.

Honeywell - the aerospace electronics giant, which is adapting a technology developed with many years of DARPA funding for use as a rehabilitation and life management tool for brain cancer patients.