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Driven by its mission and the singular purpose of accelerating a cure for brain cancer, ABC2 pursues four core areas:
  • Through research award grants Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure utilizes venture-based business principles (collaboration, innovation, leverage, accountability and problem solving) to fill the gap in funding and provide innovative researchers with the support required to make critical translational breakthroughs.

  • Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure supports a Preclinical Screening Program at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University which encourages the discovery and development of potential new and combination targeted therapies for patients at a rapidly accelerated pace.

  • As an independent, but collaborative force, ABC2 can identify specific areas for progress. ABC2 initiated and funds a Clinical Network, comprised of leading clinical investigators from four neuro-oncology centers (UCSF, UCLA, Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University and M.D. Anderson ), to serve as a resource to accelerate the transition of therapies into clinical studies for patients.

  • Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure breaks-down the silos to convene medical/academia, industry and government (FDA, NCI, and NIH) in effort to increase strategic investments in brain cancer therapies and translational research. ABC2 uses its unique position to bring-together leaders in their respective fields to explore novel research that will speed new treatments to patients. These collaborations are focused on bringing new hope to brain cancer patients and uncovering the potential for treatments that might otherwise be overlooked.

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