ABC² Participates in White House Summit on Precision Medicine

February 26, 2022

Yesterday, President Obama hosted a summit meeting at the White House to discuss his Precision Medicine Initiative.  David Sandak, ABC2’s Vice President of Strategy and Research, was one of the invited guests.  David joined a group of 170 participants that included government officials, academic researchers, physicians and patient advocates.  The Summit provided a forum to discuss the new and emerging approaches being taken to advance precision medicine and improve patient care.

"The goals of the President’s initiative are closely aligned with those of our own molecular tumor profiling project, which we call the Allele Project.  Our Allele system provides brain tumor patients with rapid whole-exome molecular profiling of their tumors,” said David. "It guides patient care and creates a uniquely rich knowledgebase that will enable better treatments in the future.  The Allele system is already in use providing profiles that form the front end of a unique vaccine trial at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and more trials are being planned.”

In January 2015, President Obama launched his Precision Medicine Initiative to accelerate biomedical discoveries and improve health care through the use of targeted diagnostic, prevention and treatment strategies.  Precision medicine can provide clinicians with the information they need to tailor therapies to an individual's unique characteristics. It is a revolutionary way of doing medicine that moves us away from the old 'one-size-fits-all' approach.  Through Allele and a number of other projects, ABC² is working make precision medicine a reality for brain cancer patients.