Brain Tumor's Genetic Makeup Critical in Treatment, Research Finds

June 17, 2022

Doctors can more effectively treat many brain tumors by first ascertaining their genetic characteristics, rather than studying tissue samples under a microscope, which is the standard practice, two teams of researchers reported on June 10, 2015. CLICK HERE to read the entire New York Times article.

These studies provide a foundational rationale for ABC2's efforts in the profiling space. We have brought together a team of researchers from the Broad Institute, The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins, The Henry Ford Health Systems, Massachusetts General Hospital and The Mayo Clinic to develop a groundbreaking system that provides brain tumor patients and their physicians with rapid CLIA-compliant whole exome molecular tumor profiling.

These profiles, provided free of charge, both guide patient care and create a uniquely powerful knowledgebase that will enable better treatments in the future. This new system is already providing profiles that form the front end of a unique vaccine clinical trial at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and there are several more trials in the planning stages.


Main Image Credit: Dr. Daniel Brat of Emory University, lead author of one of the new studies, said genotyping would remove tumor variables. Photo by Donna Martin/Emory University.