In Loving Memory of Our Friend and Colleague, Mark Green

February 27, 2022

Dear Friends of ABC2,

I am writing with some sad news. Today we lost a member of our family. Mark has lost his battle with brain cancer. Mark’s past days have been peaceful, spent with hospice care in his beloved home in New Hampshire where he could look out the window and see cows in the pasture next door and the rolling countryside stretching into the distance. He was with his family and his friends. He was where he wanted to be – he was at home. Our love goes out to his parents and to his sister, and to his daughters, Hannah and Libby. It is indeed a sad day

We first met Mark when he called us from his hospital bed while recovering from his initial brain surgery. He had used his phone to research us online. He liked what we did and how we did it and he wanted to join our team in the fight. Mark eventually did come on board and his work enabled us to do new and important things. Mark fought until he could fight no longer. Throughout his journey we gave him all the help and support we could, but in the end he gave us much more. He showed us once again, in a very personal way, why what we do is so important. We will miss having Mark as a teammate going forward, but his memory and his spirit will be with us every day. In his typically light-hearted way, Mark captured this in his blog with a quote from Winnie the Pooh: “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” Mark definitely has a place in our hearts.

All best thoughts,




Max Wallace, CEO

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure