Thank You To Our Race For Hope Community

May 8, 2022

On behalf of our team at Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, I want to thank you for making the 17th annual Race for Hope-DC a record-breaking success. The event brought together over 12,000 attendees; including 350 survivors and 613 teams. To date, this year's race has raised $2.4 million for brain cancer research.

Those are impressive numbers, but as we all know, the race is about a lot more than numbers. It’s an experience that empowers the brain cancer community to unite, be hopeful and envision a day that no other family will have to face a brain tumor diagnosis. We are proud to co-host the world’s largest brain tumor fundraiser with our friends at the National Brain Tumor Society.

The Survivors' Tribute is one of my favorite moments of the race. The people walking with yellow balloons are the reason why Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure exists: to speed the development of effective brain cancer treatments and cures for patients.

Forty-one people in the US died from a glioblastoma multiforme yesterday. Forty-one will die today. Forty-one will die tomorrow. Our job is to be bold and take risks - to move the ball down the field as fast as possible for the benefit of patients. We owe it to them. Unlike many non-profits, our goal is not to last forever, but rather, to work ourselves out of a job as quickly as possible.

The dollars that you helped raise in the Race for Hope-DC are supporting innovative, world-class projects at Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure; including genomic tumor profiling, immunotherapy vaccines, novel gene therapy approaches, and stem cells as therapy delivery vehicles. We are often more than just a funder, we are value-added teammates and partners. We help shape projects from the beginning, revise them while underway, make connections, eliminate obstacles, and look for additional funding.

Please take time to learn more about Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and our entrepreneurial approach to tackling brain cancer. Visit our website at, or better yet, contact us at


Max Wallace, CEO

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

ABC2 Team Photo (Left to Right)
Don Lo, Cristina Bonner, Stephanie DiStefano, Al Baldwin, David Sandak, Nike Beddow, Mark Green, David Cook, Deana Martin, Max Wallace, Jonathan Weinberg.