5th Annual Florida Brain Cancer 5k - A Record-Breaking Success!

April 9, 2014

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 5th Annual Florida Brain Cancer 5K a record-breaking success!

The event took place on March 30, 2014 at the Center Drive Pavilion at John Prince Park in Lake Worth, FL. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and more than 1400 enthusiastic participants and 73 inspiring teams joined together in the fight against brain cancer.

To date, this year's race has raised a record-breaking $209,000 for brain cancer research. Special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, The Rendina Family Foundation, for their continued support. View our event photos HERE.

We believe that finding a cure for brain cancer will take a team effort, so since the inaugural Florida race, we have brought together and engaged brain tumor researchers, clinicians and patient advocates from Pensacola to Gainesville to Miami in order to strengthen Florida’s brain tumor research ecosystem.

Moving forward, we plan to actively work with and support the University of Florida’s newly established Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program. This program, which is being led by Dr. Duane Mitchell, is focused on advancing safe and effective cures for pediatric and adult malignant brain tumors by harnessing the killing power of the immune system to recognize and reject malignant brain tumor cells while leaving normal brain tissues unharmed. The program aims to build upon the successful immune-based treatments being advanced in other cancers such as melanoma and apply those approaches to treat brain tumors.