Max Wallace: A Leading Changemaker In The Case Foundation's "Be Fearless" Campaign

May 4, 2012

Max Wallace, CEO of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, is featured in the Case Foundation's Be Fearless campaign that spotlights leaders across sectors who have embraced fearlessness. Be Fearless provides personal accounts of why these changemakers adopted a fearless approach, how they overcame hurdles, and how they take risks to achieve quicker results and deeper impact.

In the interview, Max focuses on ABC2's high-risk, high-reward approach to developing new, effective treatments for brain tumor patients. "We worked witih Genentech to tackle risks and, in an unprecedented step, ABC2 provided funding for Genentech to do the required brain cancer studies," said Max. "The result: in May 2009, the FDA granted accelerated approval for Avastin to be used to treat brain cancer — the first new brain cancer drug approved in over a decade. This pioneering project has set the tone for all that ABC2 has done since."

Max also expresses his honest view of what "fearlessness" means when working to develop cures for one of the most dangerous and complex diseases. "I like to think about fearlessness the way John Wayne described courage: 'Courage is being scared to death ... and saddling up anyway.' We saddle up every day and take as big and audacious a swing at brain cancer as we can. It may not be truly fearless — but it‘s pretty darn close."

Click here for the full interview and to learn more about the Case Foundation's Be Fearless campaign.