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Guidance for Newly Diagnosed Brain Cancer Patients

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure's online video library provides information about patient care, clinical trials, and advances in research. We are grateful to the specialists who made time to address questions from patients and their families.

Guidance for Newly Diagnosed Brain Cancer Patients Surgery Basics

"Cancer care is a team effort"

  • Key Components of your Cancer Team
  • First meeting onward:
    what to expect from your doctor

  • Questions and choices: Standard of care treatmetn vs. alternative experimental therapy
  • Using Internet and traditional resources to manage your healthcare information

  • "Timeframe: Don't rush into surgery"

  • The importance of seeking a second opinion
  • Experience, complications, and post-op issues
  • Rationale for surgery:
    pre-surgical planning and discussions

  • Definition and method of biopsy and craniotomy
  • Technical advances in neurosurgery: navigation systems, neuroanasthesia, and imaging capabilities
  • Brain mapping:
    Identifying functional tissue during surgery

  • The Importance of Preserving Tumor Tissue The Promise of Research: Now and In the Future

    "The role of the pathologist"

  • Patient access to tissue:
    getting a second opinion

  • Tumor tissue:
    essential for use in targeted therapies

  • "Understanding cancer pathways"

  • Understanding the role of molecular profiling in your treatment
  • The changing landscape:
    Research advances in molecular composition

  • Clinical trials: The phases of experimental therapies and how to find them
  • Technologies applied to brain tumor research are bringing hope
  • Be empowered:
    taking action and pushing for new therapies

  • Bringing Hope Through Research Personalized Medicine

    "ABC2: Creating a network of investigators and collaborators"

  • Translational research:
    Going from bench to bedside

  • Benefits to other cancer research
  • How to expedite discovery of better treatments
  • Targeted therapy and personalized
    medicine: what's on the horizon

  • "Concept of personalized medicine"

  • What personalized medicine means for brain cancer patients
  • Why personalized medicine brings hope

  • Targeted Therapies Special Topics

    "New era of molecular medicine and the future of cancer care"

  • Molecular profiling and what's new
    in targeted therapies

  • The promise of combined therapies
    and other approaches

  • "Biomarkers"

  • Dye compounds
  • Challenges of gene therapy
  • Genomics and proteomics
  • Applying nanotechnology and outside research advances
  • Combinatorial techniques with radiation therapy
  • A systems approach to vaccine therapy

  • Pediatric Brain Cancer

    "Challenges treating children"

  • Brain stem glioma
  • Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor

  • Learn from the Experts

    Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure is pleased to offer commentary by four leading cancer physicians and researchers about topics of great interest to brain tumor patients. We are grateful to the specialists who made time to address questions from patients and their families. Simply click on the name of the specialist or on a topic below to watch a video.
    • Dr. David B. Agus - Scientific advisor to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, Research Director of the Louis Warschaw Prostate Cancer Center and Director, Spielberg Family Center for Applied Proteomics, Cedars Sinai
    • Dr. Mitchel S. Berger - Professor and Chair of Neurosurgery, Director, Brain Tumor Research Center, University of California San Francisco
    • Dr. Paul S. Mischel - Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Dr. Michael D. Prados - Director of Neuro-oncology, Director of Translational Research Program, University of California San Francisco
    Content copyright © 2009 Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, Inc.