Vickie Brown

My son Carson, born Dec. 9, 2002 diagnosed with Brain Cancer (pilomyxoid astrocytoma) April 16, 2022

My son Carson who is 10 years old now was diagnosed with Brain Cancer (pilomyxoid astrocytoma) at the age of 16 months old. It started out as one tumor and after three crainiotomies and two years of chemo and six weeks of radiation it has now spread to his spine and we are dealing with six different small tumors. They say they don't have a cure, but it is slow growing, so hopefully a cure can be found in the mean time. Not only dealing with this horrible disease with my son, all the after effects have been so hard on him and one surgery he had a stroke during and now is handicapped. He is an amazing boy with so much strength and determination and a love for life that he has been the one to help us through all this. HE IS MY HERO and the LOVE of my life. He has inspired so many people with his strength. I can't remember what life was like before diagnosis day but I will never forget that day and all the feelings that were felt. Our faith has gotten us this far and holding on to that Faith will continue to see us through.