Tanya Copeland

Yvonne Mccarroll

3 years ago in December not only me but my family and friends lost a very important person in our lives. Her name was Yvonne Christine Mccarroll she was a sweet and loving person who would do anything for anybody... One day we was all outside and she was complaining about a headache. Well of course we wasn't expecting it to be a brain tumor but sure enough that's what it was. We didn't get as much time with her as we wanted but she fought hard the couple months she was alive. The last thing I remember her saying to me was she loved me and if I was to ever have a little girl I was to promise to name that baby after her and I did.... Even though she was sick and she knew it, she always wanted to make us laugh or at least smile. I've learned a lot from this because you never thought your family would ever go through something like that but it can happen to anyone so make sure to spend time and show your love for your loved ones. I love and miss you aunt von you was a strong woman.