Sue Lowe

Diagnosed with brain cancer at 45 brought back memories of losing my mother to brain cancer at 52

I am a single mother of 5. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor June 2012. I have a stage 4 glioblastoma. I am 45 and had just gotten engaged in April 2012. I had a fabulous Nuero team. it's hard to write this. I have 5 children from 11 to 26. My youngest was 10 at the time of my diagnosis.  My mother died from a cancerous brain tumor in 1985 (I was 17). My hardest thought when I heard the word Cancer, was my youngest son, I know how I felt when my mother died. It is difficult to explain to people that yes, my tumor was removed but I still have brain cancer and I have to treat it. My kids don't understand that I was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks and had this surgery to remove the tumor, but I still take oral chemotherapy that makes me sick and tired and it's still hard for me to do things sometimes (cook and clean ). I also had pinpoint radiation that left me half bald in the front, but I have a slight mohawk where the hair didn't completely fall out in the middle of my head . My kids think it's cool, but I get the strangest looks when I go out. I don't like to go in public with my adult daughters because they are very protective and they will confront people if they are staring at me (Not nicely). I am undergoing genetic testing to see if my children need to be tested. There are many alternative therapies, but not enough. I never really thought about it until it directly effected me.