Richard Harvey

Brain Cancer Survivor: Healing Through Creativity and Connectivity

My name is Richard Harvey.  I am a 10 1/2 year primary brain cancer survivor and a 13-year melanoma survivor.  In the beginning, when I was sick and frightened, writing poetry helped me to heal. Later, when I was in grief and sad, painting helped me to feel better. In both cases, sharing what I created with others helped them to heal and fulfilled me. When they began sharing my work with others, I decided I should create a book about it.  I designed it so people going through major challenges and changes like cancer can use my work to help them process while they co-create their part of the book.

20 Poems 20 Paintings  A Creative Warrior’s Journal is about healing through creativity and connectivity because it also encourages people to share their stories to help others, much like I’m doing. I put a lot of thought into making this work easily accessible for people who are not used to expressing themselves creatively.  It's going to help a lot of people. Please check out the project page link below.  It concludes on December 7th.   One of the major beneficiary groups of this project is cancer fighters in financial need.  I hope you will get the word out in your way and maybe even back it.  Thanks for taking a look!  Richard Harvey  

Peace, Wellness and Blessings

Richard Harvey