Randy Kallio

I am now on my 16th month since surgery and retired and living at home.

I had been having headaches that progressively got worse, started to notice my balance was off and my depth perception was way off. I saw my doctor and she did a few tests and sent me for a ct scan, when they got the results from the CT scan they put me in an ambulance and took me to a different hospital with a neurological surgery dept. I had surgery done the next day and they removed a tennis ball sized tumor from my right frontal lobe. During surgery I suffered a stroke that left me weakened on my left side to the point that I could not walk. After several weeks in hospital recovering from stroke and going through physical therapy I was strong enough to return home and start my fight against cancer. My tumor had been biopsied and identified as a stage 4 glioblastoma multiform tumor. I went through 7 weeks of radiation treatments with daily chemotherapy dosages. After the radiation treatments my oncoligist changed my chemotherapy to a schedule of 1 week on and 4 weeks off with a higher dosage. I am now going on 16 months with no sign of any regrowth of my tumor.