Phyllis Ripple

So missed so loved Yvonne.

I really don't know where to begin! I lost my sister to brain cancer. It was so very hard to understand. My sister Yvonne was a very strong, determined, life loving individual. As sisters we where raised to do whatever we wanted. To my dad there wasn't anything his 4 daughters couldn't do. He had no sons so he taught the 4 girls to do anything a boy could do. Yvonne took that to heart. She loved racing and building her own engines. Oh and then the girly side comes out, a niece needs a wedding cake so away goes the wrenches and out comes the cake pans. And then a grand daughter needs a dress for a dance so out comes the sewing machine. Oh and then her daughter needs a dune buggy so back out comes the wrenches. Yvonne was the mother of two wonderful children, Shawn and Kat, she was grandmother to 3 beautiful grandchildren, Jack, Cierra and Shawna. The grandchildren will never forget her because we will keep her alive always with memories.  So you pretty much get where I am going with this. A woman that could do it all, and helped everyone in anyway she could. And her life was cut short. But she never quit fighting. She never gave up. But the cancer was stronger than she was and medical treatment for the brain cancer just isn't enough. My sister is missed very dearly by all that knew and loved her. When I spoke at her funeral I read a poem, and it was everything my sister was. Never give up, never quit. Go on continue, reach for the stars and capture as many as you can.

I pray someday we will be rid of all cancer and I pray that someday this web site will only be for those that survived. I know with prayer anything is possible.

So always pray, and never ever give up!!! The picture is of her and her loved ones on the day of her surgery.

God's blessings to all