Michael Gruich

My Daughter before and after Brain Cancer

 Bethany Gruich was a normal 15 year old girl, who enjoyed helping others more than anything. On October the 28th, 2012 after several trips to the local clinic and several false diagnosis, Bethany was found unresponsive in her home. Within 8 hours she was flown to the nearest city for an emergency Craniotomy.

 We then learned that her tumor was calssified as High Grade Glioma (Stage 4 Glioblastoma) and could not be removed. In the month of November she would endure 3 other surgeries, a shunt, a portal for meds, and a filter for a blood clot.

 Her chemo and radiation started 10 days earlier than planned due to the continued swelling. She finished this first round just last week with a big smile.

Currently she is determined to go back to high school. She is unable to walk, she cannot see out of her left eye, and her hair has fallen out from the medicine.

Our insurance is the only coverage we have, did not qualify for ANY of the programs out there because I make enough to pay in taxes and I own 3 vehicles that are 11 year old truck, 7 year old mini-van and a 13 year old car my daughter uses in college.

My Daughter is not the same person, just another spirit in the same body. She is funny to watch, spending hours making sure things around her are perfectly in line, then falling asleep. She makes little comments of truth, then gigles. She falls in love with and appreciates simple things, and is very much like a small child. We are thankful that she is not angry, she is happy and loved. Time has slowed down and the world is different to her.

No parent should ever have to hear that their child has no options for a cure, nor that they are not qualified for programs they pay into because they chose to work hard all thier lives to provide for thier children. We were told Bethany has 3 -14 months with us. The only hope, is that the tumor shrinks and does not grow during this time. The world will lose a beautiful person when this happens, someone who was here to help others with her kindness and compassion.