Lisa Siegel -Oster Sunday series 46. Read my story and lets make a difference

Recently diagnosed with a brain tumor February 13th (which happens to be my birthday). February 28th surgery 2014. I have been teaching students for over a decade. I have taught not for a lIving - it's my life. The lack of recognition and awareness of brain cancer...not even knowing there's a month or a color is horrible. So many of us all over the world disregarded, ignored.  We exist.  Brain cancer effects more people then most realize. Unlike other types of cancers that are well funded and have popular support campaigns, brain cancer needs research awareness and attention. More research is needed to understand cancer in this very complex organ that everyone has.  As a matter of fact, the brain is the most complex organ in the body. Any foreign object in the brain can cause neurological problems, including death. With more awareness and research, the cause or cure for brain cancer will not be too far off.  Simple things such as routine MRI screenings could help you catch problems early on.  Why is it so difficult to bring awareness to this? I've sent emails to very important people, with brain tumors, organizations like yours and no support and or response.  An article was written about me in the Mark Brodinsky Sunday series. So many all over the world and I deserve the same recognition as breast cancer and many other cancers. Do you have any suggestions on what more I could do to bring awareness to something so important?  We are moms, dads, sons daughters grandparents. I'm a mom, a wife.  I look at everything so differently now. I don't want to see any of my students in my shoes ever. But if they ever are, I want them to know I tried.