Lisa Morgan

I suppose I am a lucky one. Had a brain tumor which wasn't lucky but at least it wasn't malignant!

I will never forget the day that I learned from my doctor of the diagnosis.  It seems to run over and over in my mind way too often.  "Me.  Have a brain tumor."  It's like the worst thing I could have heard.  I went from my Internist to my NeuroSurgeon (actually) 2 NeuroSurgeons.  I would have thought that there might have been some consideration given to my "possible" decline in cognitive issues after the craniotomy.  I don't remember a single conversation about it.  Now, of course, I was extremely nervous, anxious, etc.  I can see why something could slip my mind.  However, I would think a team of doctors would ensure that a patient get that type of rehab or therapy after surgery whether they think they need it or not.  I can guarantee there will be people like me who try to maintain a positive outlook that may not think they need it that probably need it.  Get the help before it catches up with you!!  Should just be part of the game plan if you ask me.  At least set the expectations up front, maybe do a little testing to set a benchmark.  That way when you are ready post-surgery to measure your cognitive skills you have something to compare to.  And mainly, you were given the expectation that there would be some cognitive issues after surgery that would have to be dealt with and that there are tools and resoures available to help.  Unfortunately, I missed that whole portion!!!  But I am getting it now from my Internist!!  Bless his heart.  This is 2 1/2 years after surgery.  My Neurosurgeon was awesome!!  No complaints except maybe this!  I'll mention it to him next time I see him.

My current limitations are combined with Fibromyalgia.  I have a difficult time and am not able to work.  Prior to surgery I worked as an HR Manager.  Ouch!!  That was a big change....Didn't even realize I wasn't going to be able to go right back into it.  After 6 weeks I was back in my office ready to go and after about 10 months I hit the biggest, hardest, thickest brick wall and was not able to return to work. ...ever. 10 Months of fighting it but I figured out right away that I was not the same person that I was before I went in to have my brain surgery.  I want the old "Lisa" back.  :)  I couldn't keep up like I could before.  God Help Me!