Lindsay Rosenzweig

Why I will always continue fighting for my mom!

In 1998 was the year I began 6th grade, it was also the year my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While her tumor was considered “inoperable” doctors were able to remove part of it and told us she’d be fine. When my mom came home and slowly got better I believed she was well again. As the years passed and her bi-annual scans turned into annual scans, I thought we had less to worry about. The thought of losing her never crossed my mind.

Then in 2005 her symptoms got worse and she starting going to doctors regularly. I was away at school so I wasn't aware that she was getting worse. As time went on the doctors came up with solutions that kept failing, although I didn’t realize that meant they were running out of options. After two years, my mom was extremely disabled and my dad's life had become dedicated to helping her. She had been in and out of hospital a lot, had so many procedures, and hated it, and didn't want to go back. But her surgeon had told us that she could operate again like they had years before. I don't know the details, but I guess they were hoping to slow down the tumor. I knew she was tired but begged her to have the surgery since I couldn't stand to think of my life without her.

She agreed and my dad and I went to the hospital with some friends for the operation. We were told it would take 10 hrs & that there was a chance she wouldn't survive. An hour into the surgery we got a call telling us the doctor was coming to talk to us. When they began the surgery they realized that the tumor was still growing, despite all the years of radiation, and there was nothing more they could do. The doctors mentioned hospice, and my world completely shattered. I remember crying out so loudly that everyone else in the waiting room left to give us space. All I could do was hug my dad and hope that he would tell me it wasn't true.

That day we brought my mom home, and less than two weeks later she was gone. Even though we had so many years with her after the initial diagnosis it didn't feel long enough. I was told with time they would make more breakthroughs, but we ran out of time. My hope is that by being part of ABC2 I can help raise money to find breakthroughs to help someone else's mom and make sure that others don't have to go through what my family suffered through. I will fight for my mom who is not here to fight anymore!