Lanny Harris

That cancer seems to becoming an epidemic, wish the Politicians would address the cancer rate!

May 2009 I found out my wife had Giloblastoma, surgery wasn't able to get near all of it for fear of causing a lot of brain damage. A month later June 2009 find out my grandson has a medullablastome tumor at the base of his brain, had surgery at Cinncinati Childrens Hospital and they said they got it all. He went until Oct. 2011 and another tumor pops up on the front of his brain, had 2nd. surgery to remove it, got it all. By Jan. 2012 two more pop up, by March another one had poped up. Cincy didn't have any other treatments for him. so we went to mexico for a month for some UN-FDA approved treatment, tumors doubled in size. He spent 10 months in Cinncinati Childrens Hospital the first time, when asked if he wanted to stay in the hospital, he said no i just want to go to school an play ball! He was a honor student at his school in 2012, was a part of his minor league baseball team went undefeated of the season and won the county championship, playing with 3 tumors in his head, next trip to cincy first thing he asked the drs. if he could play football, to their surprise, they told him to do what ever he wanted to! and he did. At first the coach didn't play him knowing his situation, my grandson "Zhauntez Thornton" fussed after the game to his coach that he wasn't there to watch, that he expected to play cause he was good, his words. Coach turned to us, and we nodded yes. Before his next game started his younger brother went to the coach and said "give my brother the ball an I'll block for him and won't nobody touch him!" Zhauntez scored a touch-down and two extra points, very proud Pee-Paw here. Now he has the three tumors plus the large masses in his brain. He's not expected to live much longer. My wife passed Oct. 2010 after 33yrs of a great marriage. He's 12 and wanting to see his next birthday on April 27th, to become a teenager. He's not doing very good right now, lost his vison, can't walk, having seizures. Drs. say the cancer in his brain is closing off the ventricles causing fluild to build up. Tough times, he's been an insiration to us all! Thank you