Kim Gannon

Daddy's courageous battle with Glioblastoma Multiforme IV.

I want to introduce you to the first man I ever loved, My Daddy, James "Buddy" Early.  He was a very strong and healthy 68 year old man, playing golf several times a week. He and Mom lived a very full and fun life.  On March 17, 2022 he was putting on the green when he had his first seizure.  He was first diagnosed with a stroke but six weeks later, after a second seizure he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme IV.  He was given less than a year to live.  Daddy was a fighter and was determined he would beat this cancer.  He had beaten colon cancer twice.  I watched this very strong man go to being a prisoner in a chair within 6 months.  He got to where he couldn't communicate very well at all and had trouble walking without assistance.  And finally couldn't walk at all.  He wanted to live so bad and he still fought with everything he had.  For 17 months, until September 23, 2012, with his entire family surrounding him, he took his very peaceful last breath.  He was finally free from the chains of this beast.  But we were devastated.   

Daddy was such a loving man with the best sense of humor in the world.  He loved my Mama, us kids, grandkids and great-grandkids with everything he had.  He left us with thousands of wonderful memories and a real legacy of love.

Daddy fought with everything he had.  His fight has now become my fight  A passion was born in me through his sickness to do everything I can to bring awareness to brain cancer, especially GBM.  Today that passon is a hundred-fold.  It consumes me.  I will fight until I draw my very last breath to bring awareness to this horrific cancer.