Kelley Hand

31 years old diagnosed with GBM grade 4

My name is Kelley.  Last September (2014), I was diagnosed with glioblastoma grade 4. I was 31 yrs old. I'm 32 now. I had what I thought was a month long migraine, with pressure behind my eyes and back of neck. Being that I work at a level one trauma center, of course I declined being seen at first.  Finally, enough puking and pressure found me at the ER on a Monday night. Had bloid and CT done then told I had to be transferred the hospital I worked at.  That Thursday I had surgery to remove the tumor. All went well.  Started back at work one month later (even though I tried 2 weeks) 6 weeks of chemo and radiation, a month off now on my maintance dose(cycle 4 so 2 more) still feel great!