Kamila Patterson

Help Rainey Win The Fight

Rainey is battling an aggressive form of brain cancer named SNUC. He's undergone chemo, radiation and surgery to remove portions of this tumor. Please Help! Please go to the "Help Rainey" page on FaceBook and like us to show your support. Also if you have any thoughts or know someone that can help us rise money please contact me. Think about this as if it were your friend, your brother, your uncle, your dad or anyone that your close to. He has a chance to survive but need to rise $22000 just to get his treatment started and $5000 per month for every month he on this treatment till the cancer is gone. Please help anyway you can (likes, prayers, donation, ideas to rise money) It will all help.We also have a fundraiser page set up http://www.giveforward.com/helprainey .So far we collected $491 from our co workers and friends we still need $21509 for him to start the treatment

Thank You & God Bless You