Julie Leake

I am a 2 yr survivor and hopefully many more to come. I have 7 kids and soon to be 7 grands to luv

I have been living with my brain cancer for just over 2 yrs now. It started with a left sided seizure which was diagnosed as a frontal lobe oligodendrogliomo on the right side. (My doctor said to say each letter) It came out of nowhere on an extremely hot day in August of 2010.  I was driving up to the drug store drive thru window.  I got my window down and them my hand just started to shake uncontrollably.  I tried to stop it, but it wouldn't quit.  I know I just sat and stared at my hand in total disbelief then the trembling headed up my arm and then like a shock ran down into my left foot and quit. The person at the drive thru could see my distress and came out to help me and called an ambulance and my husband at the same time. The neurology team at our local hospital suggested Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, so they got us in there.  We had to wait until Oct since the surgeon was going to need a full day to reserve the Surgery Suite which had a special MRI machine in it to do the MRI during the procedure.  It was 10/1/10 A day to never forget.  Once I was put out and opened, they woke me up and had me talk to them and move my left side while they worked on me. I thought it was COOL!  I even asked if I could see what it looked like. They said it was the size of a pear and of course could not get it all.  I had chemotherapy and radiation which just ended last March of 2011.  So far I have gone back for MRI's every 3 months and I am so glad that they are keeping a close eye on everything. My hope in telling my story is to help others and let everyone know that everything happens for a reason and that saying lots of prayers and enlisting the help of others and their prayers is what gets you through.  The only positive thing that I got from this was a closer relationship with my Lord.  Which I am thankful for.  Everyday I start with a THANKS and ask for another day to do HIS work.  If I can just help one person, than it is worth.  I also plan to donate my body after my death so the teaching hospital can use it for helping others.