Julie Bell

I knew there had to be a mistake. He was on a journey and this was not on the map!

As a mother of a 26 year old man in 2010, I celebrated his college graduation, the announcement of his engagement to his girlfriend of 7 years, their wedding, the purchase of their first house and cried when he was diagnosed with Oliogodendroglioma Stage 3. His primary care physician, who had only seen him a few times, was treating him for an anxiety disorder, given all the changes occurring in his life in 6 months. As he continued working, his symptoms became more frequent. They included: fuzzy thoughts, inability to say words for a few minutes, rapid heart rate, deep breathing, unable to sleep through the night. Symptoms were not improving. (We now know these were focal seizures.) His wife finally went with him to the doctor and demanded an MRI to determine if there was something more serious going on. On the day of the MRI, 2 hours after the reading, Loren was sent immediately to the hospital to determine next steps. He had a tumor in his right temporal lobe. Numb, we went to the hospital and began a journey that gave us opportunities to meet so many positive and hopeful people.I feel he had some of the best care in the United States through the Winshape Cancer Center Emory in Atlanta. His neuro-oncologist, Dr. Alfredo Veloschin was honest about the fight Loren was about to begin and with the combined strength of his wife, family and friends, Loren kicked cancer's butt for 3.5 years until September 7, 2013. His final days were circles of friends helping him with his most private needs. His family shared stories of experiences and strength. His home was filled with loving caring family taking care of him. Now, his widowed wife and I are attempting to create a Circle of support for families in Cherokee county, Georgia where Loren lived his entire life. We are aware of several families battling various forms of brain cancer and the foundation, 'For SKUD Always' was created (a nickname he earned from 'Skinny Buddy'). We are currently doing active fundraising to raise money to support families with various financial needs including money for bills, money for medicine, family support and sharing our story. Julie Bell