Jenn La Fleur

Mine is a story of an ongoing fight as a 4 year survivor.

It started out with grand-mal seizures when I was 26. However with no insurance I wasn't able to get the proper treatment and tests done to figure out what was causing them for almost 3 years. Fortunately by age 29 I was able to get an MRI which showed a tumor half the size of a tennis ball on my left frontal lobe. I went in for surgrey and they were able to remove 95% of it. I spent the next few years doing routine MRI's and doctor visits. Then in October of 2011 the results showed growth again. Next came radiation and chemo. While doing this I ended up in a year long treatment study for the chemo they're giving me. February 2013 is my last month of five day treatment regiment. Had it not been for great family, friends, and UW doctors I would have never made it this far. Enjoy everyday!