Jason Berger

My story is far too long, but I like to think its about SURVIVAL!

Hi. My name is Jason , and I'm 41 yrs old from Cleveland Ohio. I was diagnosed with PCNL (Primary CNS Lymphoma) in 2004. This disease  normaly will more times then not show up in people with AIDS HIV, have had an organ transplant or are elderly , all rendering them Immune compromised. I have none of these. I was a very healthy 33 yr old Police Officer from Independnece Ohio (a suburb just south of Cleveland). I was just coming off of a night shift, from being involved in my 2nd shooting 3 days earlier, and it was getting close to shift change at 6am, and the day shift Sgt told all the nightt shift guys to go ahead and take off, and that they would handle any calls that may come in.  I can tell you this story due to all the guys that I asked after I had my grand mal siezure. From what I gather the guys were asking me questions and I was not answering anyone, and they said I was staring at the squad room door looking at different articles and stolen vehicle reports along with wanted person and training schools. After mutiple attempts to get my attention I finally turned around and faced the guys, but then kept on turning once, twice, 3, 4 and then on the 5th time they said I looked at them like a zombie, and fell straight back and hit my head on the tile floor going into my siezure. I came to and the one officer said that I had a look on my face like I wanted to tear them apart as I grabbed him and the other oficer by their shirts. He said that I went back out again into another siezure for awhile. When I came to, I was on a stretcher and I was laughing. My Sgt asked me "Do you know where you are?" I said Yes! He said do you know who I am? I said yes! (all the while laughing! He said "Who am I?" I said "I have no idea" They all thought I was joking, or hoped that I was, but this was no joke! I was out of it and didnt know how to do anything. I need instructions (step by step) from eating to taking my pills, were all chores that I need help with. I was given 2 yrs to live and this Sept 28th will be my 8th year from diagnosis! I did end up losing he vision in my left eye completely, and I did have to take a disabilty from the Police Dept. I did see a local faith healer (Dr. Issam Nemeh) and I do feel he truely did help me. After going thru chemo and radiation, I did decide to go with a chinese Doc out of Chicago (Dr. Guo, Liferising.com), and I'm currently still taking his herbs. Be well!!