Janet Revia

She will survive!!!

Hi my name is Janet and I am sharing my sister, Carol's, story. Nine years ago she was diagnosed with a multiforme glioblastoma stage IV at the age of 19. Her prognosis was 6 months or so. She was entered into a medical trial at MD Anderson and is still with us today. However, last Saturday we found out that a 2cm mass was at the bed of the surgery site. We were told it was a tumor. She will be having surgery on May 24th, with the same Dr. as 9 years ago and on the exact same day 9 years later. My family & I are very grateful for MD Anderson and we can only hope for another 9+ years!!!

(UPDATE - This picture was taken on Saturday 6/1 and her surgery was Wednesday 5/29. Already at home! She's a fighter. We were told 9 years ago that she couldn't receive anymore radiation EVER. But the Drs. at MD Anderson are amazed that she is still here fighting her lil butt off. Since it's been 9 years she can have more radiation. Small prayers can turn into HUGE blessings.)