James Auste

A brain cancer warrior from The Philippines who has sacrificed his life to help kids with cancer

I am James Auste! A 38 year old Filipino brain cancer warrior/survivor since 1996! It started in my pineal and ceded to my pituitary gland. Leading for me to have panhypo pitutarism and diabetes insipidus, living on replacement meds to sustain my life.

To thank the lord for my exciting life, I started The Cancer Warriors Foundation in June 2000! Since then we have supported 1000+ kids and their families in their battle for life!

Right now we have 400 kids needing assistance for their monthly medical requirements.

Last year to raise awareness and some funds I joined the Chicago Marathon and last September the Berlin Marathon! Based on our data, we are the 1st brain cancer warrior/survivor to conquer 5 marathons in 2 years! Our target is to be part of the elite group of people who have achieved the marathon majors (Tokyo, London, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Boston) in his lifetime.

My challenge is I am financially unable to cover our travel and accommodation in this world recognized event because we come from a third world country and the foundation has limited funds.

In this regard, may we humbly request for support by helping out in travel and accommodation challenge.

Ready to bring our cause, our journey for life, our quest for survival, and barrel to have a normal life!

Across the globe with your support, what I can give is my best!

B-Bright ideas
E-Educate people about brain cancer
S-Share my history to the world
T-Transfer knowledge

Thank you for your time! Hoping for your kind consideration.

James Auste
Brain Cancer Warrior
Patient Advocate
Cancer Warriors Foundation