Jackie McNeil

A Legacy Lives On

My husband was patient and competitive, low key yet assertive, a planner yet spontaneous. A trailblazer, a pioneer, a warrior, and most of all RESILIENT. A strong man who was an expert on his own health yet looked after the well-being of others. He knew what to do with this crazy thing we call life and that is… LIVE it. Once in a lifetime, someone carries all of these traits, figures out their purpose and captures the attention of such an audience. I am so honored to be part of that audience, and if you’re reading this, now you are too.

One year ago,my husband lost an 18 year battle to brain cancer and I held his hand for the last time. The what I said was impossible happened.Things are never the same, they don’t get easier; one year ago feels like today. Scottie suffered everyday soldiering on to survive while never let you know it so we could enjoy life just a little bit more. He lived up 100 percent to his mantras of Never Give Up Hope and No Limits.

Scottie quotes in his book “what I have endured and accomplished has made me happy and appreciative of life and its opportunities. I have acknowledged the fact that you never know when it will come to end and so I strive to make a difference in this world every day.” Scott Sander McNeil will never be forgotten and I will make sure of that. 

Scottie accomplished more in 27 years than many do in a lifetime.Thank you for showing me that your 26 years were filled with so much life, purpose, and meaning. Thank you for loving me and allowing me to witness an incredible life and journey. Time only makes me realize how lucky I was to spend the best and happiest 8 years of my life with My husband, my best friend, an anomaly. Follow the beautiful legacy that Scott McNeil left behind at www.scottsmcneil.com