Donna Chest

My husband was diagnosed with a GBM IV

I will never forget the moment I heard the words "you have a brain tumor", not just any tumor but a GBM grade IV. Only it was not me being diagnosed it my husband, the love of my life, my other half. We were numb, especially since my Joe really didn't show the symptoms of a Tumor, his balance had been off and his legs ached but otherwise he was great. From that moment it was like being on a emotional roller coaster, everything in your life changes, knowing this monster is inside your head and there is really nothing you can do, the treatments and meds just buy you time but that time is usually spent sleeping or being sick as a dog. Watching the person you love more then anything go through this is agonizing, there is no feeling in the world worse then feeling hopeless, like a train is coming at you and you are helpless to stop it, my Joe, who was larger then life, my hero fought this monster with everything he had and in less then a year he lost his battle, on his 48th birthday, my world went from color to black and white, this tumor not only took him but also devastated an entire family, our lives will never be the same. One day you have hopes and dreams, we were planning our 25th wedding anniversary, our daughters high school graduation and the rest of our lives and in a split second it's gone. I still can't believe this has happened, even though it's been 14 months, how can Joe not be here?