Brandy Taylor

Survivor of stage 4 brain cancer.

In 2004, I went in for a MRI, and there was this hazy spot on the left frontal lobe. They went in and took a sample, and it came back negative.  Went on with my chronic migraines, and life.  Later that year went to Mayo (who did nothing but take money) and they did a MRI, and said that there was nothing there.  The hazy spot was still there, the doctor said was just fluid.  So, for several years I went on in my life, with migraines.  Then in 2008, the pain was so severe, I went in for another MRI, and the hazy spot was bigger.  The doctors looked at it and determined that they had to remove it.  So, I went in on the 27th of May, 2008 to the Deaconess Hospital in Billings, Montana and the neorsurgeon removed my left frontal lobe.  They examined it and found out that I had cancer.  Stage 4 brain cancer, called oligoastrocytoma.  I went through Chemo pills that were mailed to me, and radation treatment. I am a five year survivor who has met people with stage 1 brain cancer who haved died within the week. I am proud to be a survivor.  I had a great team and a  great family.  I thank the Lord everyday for my family and the doctors.

Brandy R. Taylor