Alicia Willis

I was told it was migranes but saw another doctor and found it's brain cancer

Well I was diganosed with brain cancer in 2009. I was having severe headaches alot so I went to a doctor and they took an MRI and said it was migranes. So I ignored it, but then the pain was getting worse, so I went to a different doctor and they told me that I had brain cancer and that I am lucky to be alive because it was growing so fast that it would have killed me in 2 weeks. So I had the sugery done but they told me that they could not remove all of it becuase it was too deep in the brain nerve. I went through chemo theapry and radation for 6 months and also lost my hair, but it grew back. Then I was seeing my chemo doctor every month to make sure it was staying small and it still is which is good news. I was 22 years old when I was diganosed with it and I'm 24 now and I'm still living. I will be fighting this for the rest of my life since I still have part of it in my brain but I am just really happy to be alive today. What I dont understand is how the first doctor does not see it and say that it is migranes but then I go to another doctor and they find it right away and tells me that I have brain cancer. I will never understand that but I saw my cancer doctor last month and she told me that my brain tumor is doing so good that I wont have to see her for another 6 months and then a year after that. So I pray to god everyday thanking him for letting me live through this brain cancer.