Alice Smith

Optic Nerve Glioma - a brain cancer that a country boy can survive.

About 2 years ago my 24 yr old son, Mike, started having these really bad migrains.  His left side would go numb and I finally convinced him to go see a doctor.  We found out that he has what they call Optic Nerve Glioma.  I was devasted when I found out that it was brain cancer.  I started my research and calling cancer centers.  The very first one I called was Cancer Centers of America.  How I thought they could and would help.  My husband and I would pay the trip and anything else just to get someone to tell us that our son would be ok.  Well the guy I talked to told me that they wouldn't take him until he was definitely diagnoised with cancer through biopsy and I thought all hope was crushed.  Not anyone was willing to talk to me about this and give me a little hope here.  I found a cancer center in Colorado and got my son to contact them.  All they did was do blood work every month, through his doctor.  They never once met with him face to face.  It kept getting worse, the headaches, the numbness.  Mike had a friend that had stomach cancer who put him in touch with a doctor in Kansas City.  They did clinical trials.  Mike set it all up and has been going for the past 4 months and the tumor has shrunk. 

My hope is back.  My son feels better, migrains are less frequent, vision is coming back better and he thinks positive now.  I still have my doubts, but at least I have HOPE.  My son is now 26 years old and can see a future with his 2 daughters and for his own health and well being.  It has been a long road and there may still be some bumps in it but Life Is Good right now.  One day at a time and positive thinking and God's will and he will grow to be an old man.