Aaron Durden

I have found a way to survive cancer and any disease that can control your life.

Hi everyone! My name is Aaron, and I’m a brain cancer survivor, and I have a disease n my stomach that my doctors haven’t diagnosed in 11 years. I don’t worry about my situation, but I just embrace it.

I was diagnosed with brain cancer in December of 1994 at the age of 14. I had surgery and treatment shortly after my diagnosis. I overcame cancer to get a baseball scholarship to the University of Oklahoma. When it was my time to shine, I got deathly ill again. I suffered from anemia for years, but nobody new why. During the summer before my junior year, I lost a lot of weight. I had a physical done, and the results were surprising. My blood levels were out of order. My hemoglobin was at a deadly level. When I got to school my levels were still bad, and the team doctors when into my stomach with a scope to see what was wrong. They couldn’t believe what the saw. My stomach and intestines were full of non-cancerous growths called polyps. They leaked for years causing anemia, but now it was bad. In over 11 years, there has not been a doctor who has been able to diagnose my situation.

            I live day by day. I enjoy the ride the good lord has given my through all of this. Life is full of fun for me.

 Recently I have expanded my horizons. I volunteer at a cancer center in Oklahoma City. I help people see things in a good way. I have created a 5 part video about my life titled “The BIG Victory”  on www.aarondurden.com, and I have started an online support group on facebook titled “Project Freedom.” People say that I “take the fear away” as I help people fight their disease head on. You can visit www.facebook.com/projectfreedom4u if you would like to join the group and get daily insights on life.   Feel free to use any video on my website or any information on the facebook page for Project Freedom.