Crossing the Canyon

October 3, 2021
Grand Canyon

On October 3, 2021 a small team of warriors, led by BethAnn Telford and Maria Parker, stood together on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with a shared mission: to beat brain cancer.

The Rim-to-Rim took the team from the North Rim down to the canyon floor, across the canyon, then up to the South Rim over 25 miles and more than 10,000 feet of elevation change. It is a powerful metaphor for the race to end brain cancer. The canyon represents the valley of death of underfunded research. We know that funding brain tumor research will change the future for those diagnosed with brain cancer and that additional funding is needed to help ensure this future.

Now that BethAnn, Maria and the team have completed the Rim to Rim run, we are working on sharing the story of these two women whose impact will extend beyond the walls of the canyon, inspiring and giving hope to those battling brain cancer. 

Pledge Your Support Today! - Help us reach our $100,000 fundraising goal and produce the "Crossing the Canyon" short documentary film, which will help Maria and BethAnn continue to inspire others!

About BethAnn Telford: BethAnn was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005. She felt her first symptoms while running the 2004 Marine Corps Marathon. Since her diagnosis, surgery, and recovery, she has raced marathons and Ironmans despite being mostly blind in her left eye and suffering from seizures from the malignant glioblastoma in her brain. She has raced the Boston Marathon (3 times), the Marine Corps Marathon (12 times), the Lake Placid Ironman (twice) and the Kona Ironman World Championships (once, in 2012). In so doing, she has raised more than $700,000 for brain cancer research.

About Maria Parker: When Maria’s sister Jenny was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012, Maria knew she had to fight back. Already an accomplished ultra-marathon cyclist, she took on the toughest challenge she could find - Race Across America - to raise money for research. Maria finished the race first among women in 11 days and 18 hours, despite having her follow vehicle totaled. Her victory was the greatest comeback in the history of the race and Race Across America staff called her race, “The Most Inspirational RAAM Story Ever.” That race was the just beginning - Maria founded 3000 Miles to a Cure to end brain cancer and has since united many in hope and action for the cure.