Share Your Research Idea

Many of the greatest advances in science and medicine have been driven by an “entrepreneurial” spirit, and ABC2 believes that a sense of entrepreneurism can continue to be a powerful force in advancing brain cancer research. Just as cutting-edge investors look for over-the-horizon business plans with solid financial structure, we look for bold scientific ideas with clear execution plans. We look for new concepts that hold the potential to dramatically improve patient care and we look to partner with exceptional teams who have demonstrated the ability to bring those ideas to patients as quickly as possible.

As such, our funding process is similar to the approach of the venture capitalists whose investments have helped solve some of the most perplexing challenges.

Writing A Research Idea Summary

ABC2 appreciates research summaries that convey as much information as possible in as few words as possible.  We ask you to limit your initial research summary to 1,000 words or fewer. If yours ideas align well with ABC2’s strategic vision, we will contact you to obtain additional information.

Your proposal should directly address the following questions:

Research Idea

Summarize your research idea in one sentence.


What is the problem you are seeking to solve?


How is your approach unique?

Why Now?

What advances, if any, have occurred that make this project possible at this particular time?


Describe your research and development plan. If your idea were to work, what’s next?

Team & Partners

Who are the key members of your team? Who else will you work with to advance this idea?

Resources & Financials

What resources will you need to make this happen? Beyond funding, what other support might we be able to provide?


Describe what you see as your most significant challenge.


More than anything else, we care about impact. Explain how your proposed research will help brain cancer patients.

Proposals can be sent to [email protected]