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Accelerating a Cure for Brain Cancer
Steve Case with Senator Kennedy
Hearings on Cancer - May 8

Read Steve Case's Testimony
from May 8 Senate Hearing
on Cancer Research

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Your Questions Answered by Leading Cancer Specialists

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  • Brain cancer remains one of the most extraordinary complex, virulent, and "orphaned" diseases. In addition to the lives of patients, brain cancer has a profound effect on family members, friends and colleagues. All of those touched by this devastating disease share a deep desire to improve the prognosis and treatment options for patients and, ultimately, cure brain cancer.

    Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure inspires new hope for a cure by using a results-driven business model to bring more treatments to patients, stimulate research & development and otherwise support the accelerated development of new therapies for brain cancer.

    Video Highlights from Cancer Specialists

    What are a patient's options?

    Three key questions a patient should ask his doctor?

    What Patients should know about clinical trials

    More videos on the latest research and advancements in the field

    Ultimate success will mean that there is no longer a need for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure to exist. Our vision is of a day when all patients who are given a brain cancer diagnosis are told they have a manageable disease.

    Thanks to the 8,000 people who joined us for the 11th anniversary Cassidy & Pinkard Colliers Race for Hope on May 4, 2008, which raised $1.75 million.

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