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While Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure is a recent arrival to the brain cancer field, the organization's focused research efforts are yielding promising results and measurable impact.

2007--2008 Accomplishments
  • Awarded $1.5 million in one year research grants to 12 scientists across the country in areas on the cutting edge of scientific inquiry, including cancer vaccines, biomarkers and signaling pathways, cancer stem cells, and advanced MRI.
  • Funded two critically important clinical trials in partnership with BTS, ABTA, and the National Cancer Institute evaluating vaccine therapies in newly diagnosed patients. This public-private collaboration reflects our shared commitment to bringing new treatment options to patients as quickly as possible
  • Underwrote the only Pre-Clinical Screening Program to test both approved and experimental therapies that target other types of cancers for their potential benefit to GBM patients. This groundbreaking collaboration establishes a critical missing link between the biopharmaceutical industry's efforts to produce potentially life-saving drugs and the theoretical knowledge at the cutting edge of scientific inquiry.
  • Provided funds to support clinical trial work of Genentech's Avastin, which is proving to be one of the most highly effective brain cancer drugs.
  • Played a key role convincing The National Cancer Institute to study GBM as the first cancer to be analyzed for the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). Working with our network of researchers, this data is allowing us to better understand the genetic underpinnings of brain tumors and more effectively target personalized therapies.
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure's 2001-2008 Project Awards By Area of Study

  • To date, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has awarded more than $5.2M to highly qualified research investigators and physicians-scientists from 22 institutions. The award money has funded 54 Project Awards, 3 Young Investigator Awards and 1 Fellowship Award. Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has leveraged its resources and procured additional funding for three of the Project Awards by joining forces in collaborative research efforts with the National Brain Tumor Foundation, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and the Tug McGraw Foundation.

  • Through Project and Young Investigator Awards, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure resources have been deployed to advance translational research across a broad range of promising treatment strategies for brain cancer, including the following areas:

    • optimizing the effectiveness of novel "targeted therapies" (i.e., agents designed to primarily disable cancer cells while leaving normal brain cells untouched) as single-agent therapies or in combination with other drugs and treatments modalities;
    • engineering vaccines and antibodies against cancer-specific proteins to treat and prevent tumor recurrence;
    • identifying genetic variations that influence tumor response to therapy useful for treatment decisions and drug development;
    • developing biochemical and technological interventions that overcome the natural vascular barrier that severely limits entry of the vast majority of drug molecules from the systemic circulation into the brain; and
    • developing tumor imaging and other non-invasive technologies into robust tools, reliably predicting tumor responsiveness and for monitoring disease progression.

  • To date, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure researchers have published over 75 articles and abstracts of their findings and made significant contributions to the field. One of the most influential contributions to the field is a November 2005 publication by ACCELERATE BRAIN CANCER CURE awardee Dr. Paul Mischel in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Mischel's work is a critical breakthrough and brings the field a significant step closer to rationally designing treatment for individual brain cancer patients.
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