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Request for Application

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure is no longer accepting research proposals for its 2007 Project Awards. The deadline for submission of applications was March 30, 2007.

The Request for Application (RFA) for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure’s next award cycle will be posted in February 2008.

About Our Project Awards
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure funds research that translates promising laboratory successes into clinically meaningful improvements.

Our approach is designed to provide innovative researchers with the support required to make critical translational breakthroughs. We work actively and partner with investigators to overcome obstacles in achieving the goal of the research.

Since 2001, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure has provided more than $5.2 million in research funding to highly qualified research investigators and physician-scientists from 20 institutions. This award money has funded 54 Project Awards, 3 Young Investigator Awards and 1 Fellowship Award.