Staying Healthy

We know it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re facing the emotional and physical challenges of brain cancer. Learn about healthy habits you can establish now to help improve your outlook and quality of life.

A brain tumor makes people feel like their life is out of control, so focusing on the things you do have control over, such as diet and attitude, may make you feel better and fight better. Set short-term goals for yourself. This is a good way to try a new hobby or get back in touch with someone. It will make you feel good to accomplish a goal.

“It may sound strange, but some feel that their personal lives change for the better after a major diagnosis such as a brain tumor. It does make people re-evaluate their lives, often in a much more positive direction. If you use every minute of the day in a valuable and meaningful manner, there is much to hope for and look forward to.” – American Brain Tumor Association

Reconsider your lifestyle. Ask yourself if each thing you do is good for your body. If you smoke, quit. Drink less. Exercise to the extent of ability during treatment, even if it’s just walking around the block. Remember to think about the health of your whole body, not just about fighting your cancer.

Critically evaluate your diet, and consider new diet. New research is emerging all the time about diets such as ketogenic, vegetarian, or vegan diets and their effects on cancer. Vegan diets (and to a lesser extent vegetarian diets) have been shown to correlate with lower rates of cancer, and many people report feeling more energetic. The ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates, which means your body doesn’t rely on glucose as an energy source — some research suggests that this also may slow tumor growth. The effectiveness has been shown to vary by tumor type, but it is an aspect of your health that you have control over, although it is fairly restrictive. 

Consider anything you can do to help give your body the best fighting chance and, equally importantly, to give yourself the highest quality of life.

Learn about cancer fighting foods, foods to avoid and other ways to use nutrition for your wellness on the website of our Ambassador, Jeannine Walston