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Project Awards


Investigator Institution Project
Ken Aldape, MD   M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, TX   Multigene predictors of outcome in glioblastoma.
Panos Anastasiadis, PhD   Mayo Clinic, FL   Cadherins and catenins as biomarkers of pediatric and adult glioma aggressiveness.
Markus Bredel, MD, PhD   Northwestern University, IL   Predicting the therapy response of high-grade gliomas based on a network of endogenous modulators of NFkB.
Joseph Costello, PhD.*   University of California, San Francisco, CA   Evolution of a hypomethylated and hyperproliferative phenotype in GBM and its reversal by a high methyl-donor diet.
Alan D'Andrea, MD.   Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, MA   Inhibition of ATM and CHK2 as treatment for glioblastoma multiforme.
Xing Fan, MD, PhD.   Johns Hopkins University, MD   Depleting cancer stem cells by notch pathway blockade in glioblastomas.
Qihong Huang, MD, PhD.   The Wistar Institute, PA   Development of microRNA inhibitors for the treatment of glioblastomas.
Gary Landreth, PhD.   Case Western Reserve University, OH   Efficacy of PPARg agonists in treatment of glioma.
Meng Law, MD.   Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY   Standardization of perfusion MR imaging and predicting clinical outcome in patients with gliomas using perfusion MR metrics in a multi-institutional setting.
Duane Mitchell, MD, PhD.   Duke University, NC   RNA loaded dendritic cell vaccines targeting brain tumor stem cells during hematopoietic recovery from temozolomide-induced lymphopenia.
Inder Verma, PhD.   The Salk Institute, CA   Novel therapies for glioblastomas.
Al Yung, MD.   MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX   Identification of compensatory molecular pathways using functional genomic and synthetic lethality screening in glioblastoma treated with PI3K inhibitors.
* Jointly awarded by Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and the Tug McGraw Foundation
Content copyright © 2008 Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, Inc.